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voltage regulator

Post by siatamm » Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:17 pm

I have a Giubileo 98 that I would like to replace the original Gilera with a solid state one. A good company that I've dealt with here in the U.S.is TREATLAND.TV and they have a lot of them at good prices but can't give me any advice on which might work.

I need something that is 6 volt, negative ground and works with a generator.

My regulator has four terminals. DF (field), D+(armature), 51(to battery +) and 61 which goes into the headlamp and is marked "regulator" i think but is also common to terminal D+.
I thought that I would need a 4 wire solid state regulator ie. D,F,Battery, and ground but maybe I'm wrong.

Also is there some other information that I need? Ohms or Amps or something? I really don't know much about charging systems.

Anyway check out the Treatland.tv web page. They deal mostly with mopeds they have a lot of things that work on small displacement motorcycles.

Thanks, Peter

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