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Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:15 pm
by agusta74
I am back onto the lightest Saturno in the world project...
Currently making moulds for carbon seat and tank unit.

Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:41 pm
by JoepSeuren
agusta74 wrote:I am back onto the lightest Saturno in the world project...
Currently making moulds for carbon seat and tank unit.
If you are able to make a carbon tank, then I am very interested in buying one!

Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:26 pm
by Joachim
if not, you may ask Albert from Seby-Poly.

;) Joachim

Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:04 pm
by JoepSeuren
Joachim wrote:if not, you may ask Albert from Seby-Poly.

;) Joachim
I bought from Seby Poly, real quality products!!

Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:56 pm
by agusta74
Latest ideas list.....

Gilera Saturno Bialbero Superleggera 558 project outline.

My aim is to make my Gilera Saturno as light as possible while having all road equipment and still being instantly recognizable as a Saturno.

Why am I doing it? For a fun intellectual and practical creative exercise in trying to think outside the box. Taking an already light bike and making it even lighter but I not only want it to BE light but to LOOK light. I am not trying to make the bike more powerful. I want it to be a torquey bike that it best on tight twisty roads with great brakes and "torque to weight ratio" and gearing to make it really pull out of corners.

Weight to be measured with bike ready to go with just petrol added. Starting weight of 153.05kg with pod filter and no airbox, otherwise standard 350.
I am confident I can get 20kg off the bike, but I am aiming for 33kg and a final weight of around 120kg.
This is the thought process I run on each part, however small.

1. Focus on one part.
2. What function does the part perform?
3. Can it be done without?
4. Can it be replaced with a lighter component?
5. Can it be made smaller?
6. Can it be made from a different material?
7. Can it be incorporated with other parts to do more than one job?

Things I have done, or are planning to do.

Fairing, shape kept, carbon fibre, returns trimmed under headlight & sides, vent holes behind radiator, built in carbon mounts to frame & for dash.
Screen, cut down in height, lighter thinner material, plastic fasteners, no black paint, no trim.
Carbon front guard.
Carbon/Kevlar gas tank with non locking screw in aluminum gas cap.
Seat, carbon fibre, trimmed lower edges, narrowed, shorter sides at front (stopping at tank) made with built in carbon subframe support for seat and rear of gas tank.
Less seat padding, race foam on seat base only, no backrest.
Rear hugger, gone.

Kick starter, shaft & spring removed. Keeping electric start because of a injury that stops me kick starting & I have a 558 engine coming which is electric only!
New idea on starting... maybe keep the kicker and try and rig up a hand operated decompressor like I have to start my Nuovo Falcone.... pull in the lever lick and let the lever go.
Aluminum clutch plates.
Thinned down primary gears.
Turned down flywheel
Take what I can off the alternator or replace with a smaller unit.
Look into reductions of weight in water and oil pumps and their drives.
Magnesium outer engine covers, cut down where possible.
Cam belt covers removed & the cover mounts on barrel and head etc removed
Radiator fan and overflow bottle gone, high pressure radiator cap fitted.
Light weight water hoses and clamps.
Carbon cam covers.
Titanium engine bolts for mounting to frame.
Aluminum cap screws holding on all non stressed engine covers.
Carbon muffler custom made with titanium end caps, mounted under the engine with carbon mount.
Titanium or iconol headers.
No need for exhaust leg shield with under engine exhaust.
40mm Dellorto with carbon bellmouth, no air box or air filter.
In line petrol tap, no reserve.

Battery, 7AH battery under tank out of sight. SuperMF YTZ7S at 2.1kg (1.3kg saving on YB14) smaller if I keep the kicker.
Electric buzzer for horn.
Trail Tech electronic instrument, no cables or drives for speedo or tacho, all electronic.
Bar end, LED indicators working both front and back.
LED tail light.
Headlamp shell removed, lens mounted to tabs made in the fairing.
Rewire bike using lighter wires for LED lights and only needed wires with minimal connectors.
Ignition switch/steering lock gone, wired through RUN/OFF handle bar switch.
Hard wired headlight to eliminate lights on/off switch.
Light weight wiring loom cladding.
Shorter cable for battery to starter motor.
Short HT lead and light weight plug cap.
Removed neutral indicator parts & wiring.
Look into light weight alternator, coil, regulator/rectifier, starter, starter solenoid, fuses, indicator flasher etc

Wheels, brakes & final drive.
Wheels, smaller bearings, holes in spokes, rib ground off rim centre, axles hollowed, titanium nuts.
Long term plan is to fit some slightly narrower 17 inch race style magnesium rims. (now 3.00 and 4.00) with 100 front and 120 rear tyres.
Smaller rear tyre 130/70/17 not 140/70/17.
Lightest 130/70/17 & 110/70/17 radial tyres I can find.
Rear brake, 190mm dia, 3mm thick stainless drilled disc, mounted direct to wheel.
Moto GP caliper mounted to rear swinging arm (no torque arm).
Kevlar brake line with aluminum fittings.
Front brake, Brembo milled GP3 caliper, 4mm stainless 300mm drilled disc with half the number of floating mounts, Kevlar/aluminum line.
Aluminum rear sprocket, machined drilled holder.
Chain, non o-ring race chain EK 520 MRDL6 (1.29 kg per 100 links)
Counter shaft sprocket drilled.

Rear number plate mount/tool tray removed, lightened number plate mounted direct to the back edge of the seat.
Machined down cleaned up polished triple clamps.
Steering stem between triple clamps machined thinner or drilled.
Handle bars made in hollow aluminum tube stepped inside & welded directly to upper triple clamp.
Clutch perch welded to handle bar.
Turned down & polished fork legs.
Cut down foot peg hangers.
Small aluminum foot pegs.
Helmut lock gone.
Make steel tube or aluminum swinging arm & shorter wheel base.
Titanium, aluminum and plastic fastenings used where I can.
Hollowed bolt heads.
Drilled hand throttle body, lightest grips I can get.
One 2 inch bar end mirror.
Carbon aluminum combination side stand.
Light weight clutch and throttle cables?
Lighter rear shock.
Lightened aluminum frame to engine plates.
Lightened suspension linkages.

Yellow - Tank, seat, fairing, front guard, wheel centers, spokes & inner rims.
White - Decals, strip down middle of guard, fairing, tank and seat, maybe patch on knee area of tank and patches on sides of seat.
Silver - Frame, swinging arm, pin stripe between yellow and white areas, magnesium engine covers
Polished aluminum - Fork legs, triple clamps, wheel outer rims, levers, frame plates, foot peg mounts.

Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:14 pm
by JS91
Sounds cool,

Any news on this project?

Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:11 am
by Motolli
Hey Agusta,

yellow color is mine !!
And for your competition, my race Saturno weights 118Kg inclusive 10 L fuel ( full ). But of course no street legal stuff !!!

best regards

Re: making the Saturno as light as I can, ideas...

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:33 am
by agusta74
After a long absence I am back working on the bike.
BUT I am going to be a bit less obsessive about some of my more radical weight loss ideas...

I want to get the bike back on the road again and use it some more.