RC600 Starter motor problem

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RC600 Starter motor problem

Post by R1100rt » Mon May 03, 2021 11:11 am

On returning from an enjoyable ride I experienced an interesting problem; the bike would not start on the button; the starter motor just spun up making a nasty grinding noise. No attempt to crank the engine.

When I got the bike home I initially believed the problem was the starter clutch but I had replaced it last year. However stripped the bike down, starter clutch was fine and all looked good and functioned back to the short nose starter. I removed the starter motor which I found to be locked solid. On dismantling the starter I found that the pins which hold the planetary reduction gears had been grinding against the inside face of the back plate to the gearbox and that the splines on the armature shaft which drive the planetary gears had been stripped at the contact area, leaving both ends of the splines in place. Has any one experienced similar or know of a possible source of a replacement. Strangely I have never been able to
Kick start the bike but during the morning after the failure I managed to kick start it twice; however I’ve not managed to repeat the process successfully! Any tips?

Many thanks for any help

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