Gilera 202 needs work (lots.....)

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Gilera 202 needs work (lots.....)

Post by lambs » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:00 am

Following on from this thread:

I decided to start a separate thread on each of these bikes as otherwise it's going to get confusing. It will take time, but I intend restoring the 202 to 'original' condition...or reasonably close. The question is...what is 'original' for this particular 202 ?....and that is where I am going to be needing help from more knowledgable people (like here......). Gilera's of any type are rare here in Australia, so obtaining parts is going to be an issue and probably not cheap.

[apologies in advance, but this is going to be a bit long winded.....]

In any event, this is the 202 in question:
engine #201-658
frame # 201-341

Since the 202 was in production from 1964 through to 1970 (or so I believe) these low numbers might suggest this particular 202 was made in 1964 or 1965 (??...maybe?)

Obviously there are many parts that are not correct, and perhaps it should look more like this:
or this....
c1966-gilera-202-super-motorcycle copy.jpg
...or something else (see below).

Notice the difference between the tank and seat particularly of these 202's. Presumably these are production changes over the years, but I'd be interested to know what people here think.

Anyway, after taking delivery of the 202 (and the 150) I have found something that makes this particular bike even more of a mystery. On one of the rear shocks is this sticker:
202 sticker - 1.jpg it would appear this particular 202 was originally delivered in the USA, probably California, and then somehow found its way to Australia. I had thought that Gilera's were only sold through Sears in the USA, but a Google search has now shown that Gilera's were sold as such through a small dealer network in the USA. In fact, I found this Gilera USA sales poster:
Gilera 124 sei giorni 1964 speciale Scrambler advert.jpg
Notice at the bottom that the 202 was an available model and came in three versions - Super Sport, Scrambler and Extra (interestingly, the 'Super Sport' in the poster looks very much like one of the 202's I've posted above).

This is where it gets really interesting in terms of the 'silver' 202 (first pic). If you look closely at the front wheel you can see that the rim is identical in form to the rear rim, only narrower (but same diameter - 17"). The front and rear rims are from the same manufacturer/era, although I can find no manufacturers markings. The front drum brake is also 'small', which is actually typical for dirt bikes of the era (you don't want or need the braking power of a large - road bike - drum brake on a dirt bike). Actually if you look at the 'Sei Giorni' (Six Days Trials) model you can see that it also has a 'small' front drum brake, which is typical.

So is it possible that the 202 I have was originally a USA spec 202 Scrambler model ?? This is pure speculation, of course, but does anyone have a photo of that particular model.

Any comments, help, advice will be greatly appreciated.

Again, sorry for the long post.
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geert pardon
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Re: Gilera 202 needs work (lots.....)

Post by geert pardon » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:50 pm

Hi there,
Post on Gilera are never too long.
I think our collegue from Holland can help you with a lot of information.
He is here under the name Nozem.
Maybe you can send a PM.

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Re: Gilera 202 needs work (lots.....)

Post by Nozem » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:55 pm

Hi there lambs,

Great to find out more about the history of your bike. Gilera Long Beach CA was a large dealership in 1965.
The front fork and fender of your bike are not original, so I guess the front wheel probably is not original too.
My money is on the second picture, the Gilera 202 with the smaller white fuel tank and black kneepads.
This model was also sold in the USA, as you can see in the ad directly below the picture.

I have no images of the Gilera 202 scrambler model that was sold on the USA market.
But I do know of the existence of a Gilera 202 "Fuoristrada", check out this picture.
This is a very rare bike, even in Italy. I have never seen one in real life.

Nozem rulez
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Re: Gilera 202 needs work (lots.....)

Post by lambs » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:27 pm

Thanks Nozem and Geert for your replies, greatly appreciated.

Nozem - I think you are right.....apart from the headlight, the entire front end of the bike is from something else and it is probably merely coincidence that the front rim is similar to the rear. Apart from that, the rear mudguard is also not 'original' I think as it doesn't match anything in any of the photos or posters.

I'm inclined to 'restore' it to look like a 202 Super, which is most likely it's original form. I must admit I do prefer the look of the 'fat tank' version, but I don't really want to be tracking down another fuel tank so will stick with what I have as a starting point.

The question is.....where to find the parts (complete front end + rear mudguard as a starting point) ? Any suggestions welcome....obviously Ebay Italy is one place to look.

A contact in Germany has actually tracked me down a copy of the parts list for the USA version of the 202, as well as the Italian version, so I will be interested to see what differences they show.

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