1969 gilera 124 5v sears motorcycle

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1969 gilera 124 5v sears motorcycle

Post by Robwashere » Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:54 pm

hello from the usa,western new york state.
im an old fart who likes fixing things and recently i discovered and bought this bike.
the registration says its a 1969 bike,and the inspection sticker still on it says 1969! :shock:
speedos showing 980 miles.

its missing the headset badge and needs a speedo glass face replacement.
i could also use a nice set of bars,but these seem to be specific to bike with the odd levers molded in?

so far,ive managed to eject mice and nest and whats left of the muffler packing,
i can kick bike over,gets fuel,gets spark doesnt start.
however compression is only?? 80lbs and im not sure what factory was.
it does show a strong spark,and i deffo could use some advice on this whole 5V thing.

while i was cleaning out bike,i also took off the top cover/valve cover and discovered a hollow head bolt.
left side of bike,back bolt,and the only one thats hollow.
it sits in its own little chamber,and that was half Full of crud and stains where water sat...im worried.
the whole rest of the valvetrain head area was perfectly clean and normal.

does anyone have an exploded diagram or pics of a dis-assembled 124/106 motor?
im thinking i should take the motor apart somehow and see where that water and crud came from?
any advice?...dos or donts?

many thanks in advance for any help rendered,cheers,Rob

heres the " mighty " motorcycle. :lol:




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Re: 1969 gilera 124 5v sears motorcycle

Post by Nozem » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:21 pm

Hi Rob,

What a great project bike you have found. It seems like it is all there, no important missing parts. These bikes are great little runners, the 5V being the fastest of the 124 bunch. I hope you will bring it back to it's former glory!

The hollow bolt that you mention is in fact the oil supply to the valve chamber. Kick the bike over a few times to see if any oil is reaching the head. The missing headset badge is available again in Italy. Try ebay, kijiji or subito for missing parts.

Also there is a very active USA based Yahoo forum on the small Gilera bikes where you will find loads of information and pictures, check it out at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Gilera106/info

Just let us know if we can help you out, and we sure love to read and see pictures of the progress that you are making on your Gilera.

Marco rulez

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Re: 1969 gilera 124 5v sears motorcycle

Post by Robwashere » Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:47 pm

TY so much for both your replies,that wiring diagram was a Win!!

with the motor,ive kicked it over a Bunch of times and no oil is coming up.
it seems to be clear all the way down,and theres oil down in the case there but?
this is not good is it....?
im thinking im going to have to see whats inside the bottom end.
this has me worried,more than a little,ive never taken one of these apart.

i did swing by that yahoo group,
i must have missed something because i thought it was for the really small minis and not these.
ill have another look at it.
again,many thanks for your help :)

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