Problems with carburator, subframe ... Gilera SP01/SP02

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Problems with carburator, subframe ... Gilera SP01/SP02

Post by mari0 » Mon May 19, 2014 7:39 pm

Hello . I'm "resurrecting" Gilera SP01, and I have many problems :( I have some questions, if someone could help me ;)

1. I have on my gilera Dellorto phbh 28md carburator. I don't know where one pipe is going to . And I also have Polini 150ccm kit on it . If you could somehow help me, or something . I searchd web, and I didn't found any documentation. I sticked a photo of carb . Pipe is in the red circle:

2. Another pipe, i don't know where it goes . In the plans is marked as "breather pipe" . So I think, it's not connected anywhere? here is the photo... again is in the red circle:

3. Oil leaking at front sprocket . I think i must replace oil seals. Am I right?

4. I think I have sp01 engine, and it have small airbox . I have big airbox from sp02 I think . Can something be wrong if I use that? Only problem is, that I have to cut something from frame . Otherwise I can't "close" the tank :)

5. I also need front subframe - the "thing" that hold front plastic and mirrors ... Do I need the one from gilera sp01/02, or pleases from any other gilera?
I've searched whole ebay, and found NOTHING :/

On the pictures it's all dirty, now is all cleaned :D I can't make new photos because I'm currently in Germany .
Thanks for answers ;)

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Re: Problems with carburator, subframe ... Gilera SP01/SP02

Post by Joachim » Thu May 29, 2014 9:28 am

on ebay Germany someone is selling SP01 parts.
Maybe.... ... 564feda9da

ciao Joachim

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