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Gilera 150 Autostrada.....also needs lots of work

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:22 am
by lambs
In a similar way to my 202 thread, this thread will be about the 150 Autostrada discussed in this thread:

This is the beast itself:
engine # 104-7639
frame # 104-7639

These numbers perhaps suggest quite late production - 1970/1971 ??

Seat, muffler, carb are obviously 'wrong'. Original RH footpeg is just a cobbled up affair possibly to support the muffler. The carb will be an easy fix, since the carb fitted to the 202 is a UBF24BS (should be UBF22BS) a stroke of luck, an Australian ebay seller recently had a bare, new UB24BS2 carb body for sale very cheap (50AUD), which is the correct type for the 150, so I grabbed it and will transfer all the the needed parts over from the UBF24 carb. Some jets will need changing but not a big deal.

Other 'problems' I've found with the 150:

- rear mudguard is cracked in a couple of places. Repair should be possible.
- virtually all the original wiring is gone and been replaced by someone's very poor attempt at a rewire...this will be completely tossed and I'll make a new loom from scratch of need be
- ignition advance mechanism in the flywheel is very badly worn. This could present difficulties as I suspect new replacements will be hard to find.
- all cables (throttle, clutch, brake, tacho+speedo) need to be replaced.
- front headlamp shell has been modified to accept a Japanese lens, etc...12V !?!?
- tail light assembly appears to be Lucas brand...

The front wheel is also 'wrong'....if you look closely at the attached picture you can see that there is a speedo cable 'hole' in the RHS of the hub....but the speedo drive mechanism is actually in the rear wheel (same for the 202) and the cable is still there. The front rim is chrome steel and has these markings:

1.4 x 17
14 16
--17 07--

While the rear wheel also has a chrome steel rim, which has these markings:

Made in Italy
WM1 1.6 x 17

Looks like the rear wheel is 'original', but not so for the front.

[sigh] Such is the restoration game......

Re: Gilera 150 Autostrada.....also needs lots of work

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:44 pm
by Nozem
Hi Lambs,

Here's a good start to get your Gilera 150 Autostrada right.
Unfortunately it is in Italian but I hope it will be of any help.

Nozem rulez

Re: Gilera 150 Autostrada.....also needs lots of work

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:55 pm
by Nozem
And here's the wiring diagram. This is part of the complete workshop manual that can be found here: ... 05v_MO.pdf

Nozem rulez

Re: Gilera 150 Autostrada.....also needs lots of work

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:49 pm
by Gilera 150 5v Trial

I have parts for the autostrada.


Re: Gilera 150 Autostrada.....also needs lots of work

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:30 am
by lambs
Thanks (again) Nozem for your comments and the very useful information. The photo of the 150 is interesting as it shows what appears to be an air filter assembly, but other photos of 150 Autostrada's I've seen show the carb with just a velocity stack or air filter. Perhaps different model years had one or the other....or maybe the air filter was an optional extra (??).

Gilera 150 5v Trial - I'm interested to see what parts you have. Probably best to discuss separately so I'll send you a message.

My goal is get this bike on the road as quickly as I can - the 202 will have to wait. I've managed to track down a few things that I need, but a new spring for the ignition advance mechanism is proving elusive. Due to a piece of pure luck I've manage to track down a suitable seat, so the main parts I'm going to need is a complete front headlamp assembly, ditto for the tail light and number plate holder (portatarga ??)....and maybe a complete front wheel.....

I've discovered that part of the frame bracket used to support the rear mudguard has broken away from the frame proper. A fairly simple fix but probably requires some disassembly to allow access to re-weld the bracket.