Gilera 150 head gasket.

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Gilera 150 head gasket.

Post by ivor » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:36 pm

Hi all, the Gilera 150 Sport I have been working on is nearly finished, though I do still have electrical problems! However, the purpose of this post is to ask about the head gasket. I used a new one, the head and barrel seemed quite flat, and I tightened down the head tight.
But, after running the motor, I have found much oil dripping down from the head/barrel joint. I have lifted the head, and the entire surface of the gasket is covered in oil, although the gasket seemed not to blow around the piston. Neither is the bore particularly oily.
I have used two small rubber 'O' rings around the top of the stud in which the oil is fed to the rockers. This all seems to work well with plenty of oil going to the rockers. It would seem that the head joint is not tight enough, and the oil running back down the pushrod tunnel is seeping into the joint.
Can I get away with re-using this head gasket if I use a sealant, and tighten it down well ?
And does anyone have a torque setting for the head nuts ?
Thank you all in advance.

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