Gilera 124 six days speciale 1964

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Gilera 124 six days speciale 1964

Post by Nelburt » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:05 pm

Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself My name is Neil Graham, I live in North Yorkshire U.K and am the owner of a 1964 Gilera six day special of 124cc, I am seeking photographs, parts or any information at all regarding this model. My wish is to restore it to use on a regular basis. I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help or who is just interested.
Best regards Neil

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Re: Gilera 124 six days speciale 1964

Post by Joachim » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:34 pm

I have just copied your article to the Vintage forum.

Good luck, Joachim

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Re: Gilera 124 six days speciale 1964

Post by Jota180 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:52 am

Hi Nelburt

There are two till three places to get better detail for the six day special / production racer.
I short look at my
Big Gilera Book, Liberia dell Automobile, ISBN 88-7672-029-4, Brizio Pignacca, on S. 175
Giubileo 124 Sei Giorni specisl /1961. >> It seams that mostly parts and datas are Giubileo identical, and only an optical change to the sidepanels etc is done, but 2 differences in engine config is seen (check data below)
color: frame,fender,fork, shell, sidepanels in black, tank in black and white. side panel deko '124 sei giorni'
backlight like on later bicilindrica not a round design

some datas of the 124:
comp. 10:1
56x50 cv10,5 a 8500 giri !
dynamo 6v 13W ??
Dellorto UB22 BS! without filtering !
Friione 10 multipli in bagno d'olio
4 raporti ?
ruote 2.25x17
pneumatico:2.50x17, 2.75x17
tamburo 136mm, post 123mm
peso 95kg
olio 2kg
benzina 13l

Beside / features
>> there exists very rare 124 Giubileo da regolarita 1960 / sei giorni internationale (side 180/181)
later known 125 Regolarita Competizione (being on the market but 1968), this one was with 5 speed gearbox and a bigger power with 11.5cv at 8500rpm, dynamo electric

When you ask me it's not often seen that the 'Regolaritas' are been outside Italy but never say never. It could be that regolaritas are labled as six days outside italy from an importer. Regolaritas ar 6000 euro today or more. Normal six days like written on the top a third of that.

The second place to find is MOTOCILISMO la storia della GILERA, Marco Masetti 12000lire , S.107
Third place would be an LegendBike issiu but which number?

Please put ones a picture in the forum to get an optical impression of your project.

Thanks, Andi

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Re: Gilera 124 six days speciale 1964

Post by Nozem » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:24 pm

Hi Neil,

What a great bike to restore! I am kinda jealous here :lol: . The 124 sei giorni was sold in red/white from 1961, the 124 sei giorni special in black/white from 1964 like pictured below. Assuming you have a road version, you can find a free downloadable spare parts catalog on Look for the "124 - Catalogo parti di ricambio". From page 45 and onwards you will find the 124 sei giorni of 1961 first, and then from page 51 the 124 sei giorni special. The 6 day versions have some unique parts which are very hard to find, so I hope your bike is pretty complete as it is? If not, what is missing?

Nozem rulez

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Re: Gilera 124 six days speciale 1964

Post by Nelburt » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:40 pm

Hi Lads, Thanks for the information, very enlightening. The bike is reasonably intact, things like mudguards, generator unit, clutch lever, choke lever and headlamp ring (Aprillia) are needed. But I am hopeful as Andi pointed out some of the tinware seems identical to the Giubileo, and they seem plentiful. Thanks again for the help, i'll post some photos as soon as possible,
Best regards Neil

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