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Saturno 500 Wiring Anomoly?

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:59 am
by John Ward
HI - just passing on this info' in case anyone comes across something similar or has some relevant knowledge etc

1988 Saturno Bialbero 500

On changing the battery recently I replaced the fuses at the same time.

On re-connecting the battery the ignition was power-on and all electrics available with the ignition switch off.

I initially thought I had re-connected the battery wrong .

This bike has a fuse holder with 2 x fuses (15 A & 7.5 A) with supporting wiring, there is also a a 20 amp fuse on the voltage regulator.

The Saturno wiring diagram that I have shows only a 20 amp fuse on the regulator and a single 15 A fuse ahead of the ignition switch.

This bike seems to have the 3 x fuse system as per some Nordwest Diagrams - though the 2 x fuse and 3 x fuse wiring systems support different ignition switches and my ignition switch is definitely saturno type.

To fix the ‘power on all times’ problem I removed 1 x fuse from the 2 x fuse carrier.

On inspection of my old (removed) fuses I noted that 1 x was faulty/blown – maybe it had been intentionally fitted as such?

Every function works OK with the offending fuse removed – but I am confused as to how it came to this - the harness looks and probably is original.

I spent a bit of time ‘fault finding’ before removing the offending fuse and fixing the problem – so pass this on in case anyone gets confused by similar issues or can explain if I am misunderstanding something? Are there any good electrical diagrams available?

I know how to start the bike easy should I lose my key now!



Re: Saturno 500 Wiring Anomoly?

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:13 am
by Joachim
wired... uhmmm... weird giggle

ciao Joachim

Re: Saturno 500 Wiring Anomoly?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:14 am
by John Ward
On the face of it, It seems to be Wired/Weird Joachim though there are no obvious additions to the harness etc.

The #2 (redundant) fuse appears to be connected to the switched side of the ignition switch circuit.

Does your Bike (other Saturno's) have the 2 x fuse carrier and the fuse on the regulator? - I thought maybe that there is some standardisation of wiring harnesses and components between Saturno's and Nordwests/Dakotas etc and maybe they just connect them to suit.

Do the circuit diagrams only show the functioning circuit omitting what is needed for other equipment?