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brake light switch RC

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:20 pm
by Joachim
My RC is now having a front brake again, thanks to Hahne Power and assistance from Joachim, a nice new Grimeca front master cylinder winged its way from Germany to the UK and then by UPS courier to Kano, Gottfried do you have the brake light switch that should be fitted to this master cylinder, its different to the round body with a thread switch fitted before, it should now be a rectangular body held in place with an M4 screw and a location peg, I can probably cobble up a small micro switch to fit.
Good to see the forum back on line again I missed you.

Cheers john

for those who are wondering why they cannot see Johns name on the left side.
Due to some 'nigerian spam connection' problems John cannot post articles at the moment
ciao Joachim