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Re: Saturno Owners in Australia

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:01 pm
by Joachim
the seal kit includes all the gaskets you need.
For each piston there is the inner square ring between the piston and the cylinder.
Also the dust cap for the outside. A small cap for the bleeder valve.
And the small O-ring between the two halves of the caliper.
I dont know if the Aprilia calipers are the same or only the sealings are the same.
So i did not know if you can use the pin or not :(

HP confirms that the rear brake calipers of the Nordies and the Saturno are the same.
He also suggested to check the caliper carefully.
They use to wear out and have a big gap between piston and bore so the pistons may block.
Then you will need a new caliper :(
There is a small caliper from a scooter available which can be made fit.

ciao Joachim