Help with identifying bike

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wrinkly rocker
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Help with identifying bike

Post by wrinkly rocker » Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:20 pm

Hi .everyone. My name is Terry and I live in the North east of England U.K

Just found this forum as I was searching. A few years ago a friend showed me a Gilera that he had owned for over thirty years. He told me it was a 1959 175 super sport. Sadly my friend died of a heart attack aged 56. His widow got in touch with me and gave me the Bike F.O.C. I can't find any information to help Identify the bike. I don't think the Tank is from this bike as the mountings don't line up. Seat Exhaust & Headlamp Don't seem to be original. Frame and engine number is *189-3673*
I didn't want to touch the bike until I found out what it was.

But I couldn't resist.

I cleaned the carb and points. Checked the oil. Took a wild guess at the points gap and timing. Jury rigged an ignition. I put some petrol in and after 30+ years it started second Kick. The engine sounds sweet with no rattles. I would like to find out all I can about this bike before I decide to Restore it or pass it on to another bike enthusiast. Any info' would be much appreciated. I cant upload a photo to the site yet but could send by email to anyone that could help.

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Re: Help with identifying bike

Post by Joachim » Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:37 pm


You may use the search button ;)
Just type in 189 and read on.
Some of the articles are in German.
If you need help with this, just drop a line.

ciao Joachim

PS have you tried uploading a picture again?
There have been some problems with the forum.
Maybe it will work again now.
If you still have problems uploading... see above ;)

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