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Post by kano nordi » Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:20 pm

Hi All,
I am restoring an RC 600C found abandoned for about 12 years in a damp farm building, it looked very dirty and neglected when I got and I actually bought it for spare parts for my Nordwest and Saturno, but when I got it back home to Nigeria and cleaned it up a little I decided to rebuild it as I had most of the parts need to complete it.
I had heard the starter motor Sprag clutch was slipping, so no way to crank the engine (& I am too old for bump starting)
I also bought a kick start shaft from Achim as I like off road bikes to have both systems, bump starting on dirt road is a killer.
Both side casings were removed to fit the new starter clutch and the kick start shaft and everything looked very clean and in a good condition in there.
I cranked the engine without a cam belt to confirm the starter clutch was working OK.
I then fitted a new cam belt and when turning the engine by hand found a valve touching a piston crown.
With the cam belt fitted a little loose ie. retarding the cam timing slightly the valves did not touch the pistons.
Joachim told me there had been some engines that have had the steel sleeve fitted in the cam pulleys coming loose, I removed the cam wheels and found the sleeve to be tight in the cam wheels with no sign of any movement.
But the cam wheels surprised me by being a very loose fit onto the camshaft with 0.04 clearance between cam journal and inside diameter of the sleeve in the cam wheels, there was no sign of and movement or fretting between the cam and wheel, or its key and keyway.
Before I remove the head to look inside, anybody out there heard of this problem before and what did you do to correct the problem.

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