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New Nordwest Owner :: New Site

Post by TRXuk » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:47 pm

Inevitable really but as I already have a website for my (now sold) TRX850 I have added a few Nordwest pages (blog, stuff, photo upload and links). See

A few of the [more] european sites seem to have some interesting information on them re: nordwests but the various online translators don't really translate too well. If anyone out there can translate any items from these pages then I would (1) like to know the information (2) post the information for others on the site.

Much of the information I have added is directly from the old Gilera Network (GEN) via seven of the old magazines I have (issues 1-7) if any UK people have any further information from these then please let me know.


Sandy: UK[/url]

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